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Frequently Asked Questions for attendees

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When will the Munich Show 2024 take place?

The Munich Show with the sections Gemworld and Mineralientage München will take place from Thursday, September 24 to Sunday, October 27, 2024.

Where will the Munich Show 2024 take place?

The Munich Show will take place at the Munich Trade Fair Center in halls B6 / B5 / A6 / A5 / A4 and can be reached via the Entrance EAST:

Navigation address:
Am Messeturm 4
81829 Munich

GPS: 48.1355589,11.6962975

Munich Trade Fair - East Entrance on Google Maps

Is there a trade visitor day?

Yes, the Munich Show will take place on 4 days, as last year. Thursday, 24th and Friday, 25th of October 2024 are reserved for registered trade visitors, Saturday, 26th and Sunday, 27th 2024 are also open to the public.

Is there a special trade visitors area?

No, as the event is exclusively reserved for trade professionals on the first two days, a separate trade area is no longer necessary. The last two days of the fair are open to the general public. Exhibitors who cater exclusively to resellers will mark their booths with a sign stating 'Wholesale only.' Trade professionals are, of course, also welcome to attend the public days of the fair.

How can I register as a trade visitor BEFORE the event?

Registration prior to the event and the subsequent purchase of tickets in the ticket shop at www.munichshow.com are possible by uploading the business certificate/company´s registration. Entrance tickets can only be purchased with the imprint "trade visitor ticket/dealer ticket" once the legitimation has been carried out manually by us and confirmed in writing. If you have any problems with the upload, please contact us by e-mail at besucherservice@munichshow.com.

How can I register ON SITE as a trade visitor?

On site in the Entrance EAST, there are high tables with registration forms (GEOFA form) on display. These are to fill in or stapled together with a business card/copy of the business certificate/company´s registration and handed out at the ticket desk. There you will receive tickets with the imprint trade visitor/dealer on the purchased ticket.

How is the hall layout this year?

The Munich Show can take place again with the usual hall layout from this year onwards. The Gemworld will be located in Hall B6 and B5, while the Mineralientage will again be placed in Hall A6 and A5 as usual.

Which assortments are represented at the Munich Show?

In the area "Mineralientage München" you will find: Minerals, fossils, meteorites, rough stones, tumbled stones, handicrafts made of stones as well as accessories.

In the area "Gemworld" you will find: Jewelry, high-quality gemstones, pearls, amber, gemstone art and accessories.

What is the special exhibition theme in 2024?

The special shows this year are themed "The Impossible Crystal". The mineral special exhibition is in Hall A6; the Alpine area with special showcases and the collectors´ showcases are in Hall A5.

The accompanying theme book is available at the trade fair, at the cash desks, the information points and the Munich Show Fan shop. It also can be ordered by e-mail to besucherservice@munichshow.com plus shipping costs (within Germany 8,50 EUR – within EU 19,90 EUR - outside EU 47,50 EUR).


When can I buy tickets and how much do they cost?

Our ticket shop is available online at https://www.munichshow.com. We kindly ask all visitors to register in advance and buy their ticket online to avoid waiting times at the box office. The day ticket is reduced to EUR 16,- for purchases up to and including 15th of September 2024, after that day tickets cost EUR 18,-.

If you have any problems registering, you can reach us at any time at besucherservice@munichshow.com or via our service-hotline at +49 89 6 13 47 11. We will be happy to help you.

Which tickets can I buy?

Trade visitor tickets**:
Day ticket (Thu 24. or Fri 25.10.24) EUR 26,-
day ticket weekend (Sat 26. or Sun 27.10.24) EUR 18,-
2-Day ticket (Thu 24. & Fri 25. or Fri 25. & Sat 26.10.24) EUR 37,-
2-day ticket weekend (Sat 26. & Sun 27.10.24) EUR 27,-
3-Day ticket (Thu 24. & Fri 25. & Sat 26. or Sun 27.10.24) EUR 48,-
4-Day ticket (usable on all days) EUR 59,-

Visitor Tickets**:
Day ticket EUR 18,-
½ day ticket, valid from 2pm EUR 14,-
2 day ticket EUR 27,-
Family ticket EUR 45,-
Day ticket reduced
(kids up to 14 ys, stud., disab., retired*) EUR 13,-

Kids up to 4 years* free

* These tickets are only available at the ticket desk!

** Online until September 15th 2024 reduced by EUR 2,- early bird discount.

How do I get my tickets?

After purchasing in our online shop, you will automatically receive the tickets by e-mail - please check your spam filter if necessary.

In our new ticket shop, you can also download the tickets at any time after logging in again.

How can I receive an invoice for my order?

You will receive your payment receipt directly by email with your ticket order.

Are there group tickets?

Yes, group tickets can be ordered again this year. Please order your tickets for groups of 10 or more persons exclusively in writing at: besucherservice@munichshow.com.

We will send you the relevant form in advance - the group daily price is EUR 16,-/adult, EUR 9,-/child. Reduced tickets for pensioners and disabled persons as well as students are available as a group contingent at a price of EUR 13,- – there is no additional reduction here.

The tickets will be sent to you as PDF documents by e-mail. We will invoice you for the tickets actually used after the event.
You will receive a free ticket for every 10 paying persons.

Can I also hold the ticket up to the turnstile from my mobile phone?

The turnstile system also recognizes the tickets on the mobile phone.

My ticket does not work at the turnstile - what can I do?

Please speak to the trade fair staff at the turnstiles for direct clarification.

I have received a discount code or card code - how do I redeem it?

Please log in to your account (or register beforehand). Please enter the corresponding code directly at the tickets above under "Enter voucher here" - for a discount, the discount will only be deducted from your chart.

A ticket code places the corresponding ticket directly in your shopping basket after "Add voucher". Please complete the "purchase" in the normal way.

Can I cancel or return tickets that I have already purchased and paid for?

There is no right of cancellation when purchasing tickets - please also read our detailed GTCs for more information.

I need an invitation letter for a visa - how can I get one?

Please contact us by email at besucherservice@munichshow.com before purchasing a ticket - this ticket and invitation letter cannot be ordered online.

Please order your invitation letter and the 4-day ticket with your full address, a copy of your passport and the information for which embassy you need a letter exclusively in advance by email at besucherservice@munichshow.com.

This service is only possible in connection with a 4-day ticket and must be paid in advance - the total fees amount is € 118,50 - a refund of these fees is not possible.


Is there an exhibitor list?

At beginning of September you will find our list of exhibitors online at www.munichshow.de.

Hall plans with the alphabetical list of exhibitors will be set up on site at the Munich Show, and folding plans will also be available at the information points.

Which restaurants are available at the Munich Show?

The following restaurants will be available during the event:

Entrance East – restaurant Käfer
Hall B6 – Sapphire Bar
Hall A6 – Bologna Mineral Show, Italian restaurant

Is it permitted to take photographs and film at the Munich Show?

If you would like to take photographs or film footage for your own private use, please obtain permission in advance from the persons visible on the images or from the exhibitors whose goods are depicted.

For all photographs intended for journalistic purposes, for other publication, e.g. in social media, or for further commercial use, press accreditation or approval by the trade fair management is required. Please send requests in writing in advance to service@munichshow.com.

Will I be photographed or filmed at the Munich Show?

During the Munich Show, photos and videos will be taken by event staff and used for documentation and post-event reporting as well as promotion of subsequent events (e.g. homepage, print media, photo galleries, social networks).

These recordings are associated with the pictorial representation of persons present. The selection of persons is purely random.

By entering the event grounds/exhibition halls or purchasing an admission ticket, the persons present automatically consent to publication free of charge in the above-mentioned manner without the need for an express declaration by the person concerned. If the person in question does not agree to publication in individual cases, please notify the photographer responsible for finding the subject immediately.

May I take my dog with me to the trade fair?

We regret to inform you that pets are not allowed anywhere on the grounds of Messe München and that there are no facilities for temporary accommodation during your visit to the trade fair.

Where can I find accommodation near the trade fair center?

The city of Munich offers numerous accommodation options - feel free to take a look at the homepage of the Munich Tourist Office with booking options.

Is smoking allowed on the trade fair grounds?

Smoking is only permitted on the trade fair grounds in the atrium and in front of the entrance area at the Entrance EAST in specially designated areas.

Is there medical care in case of an emergency?

The medical service is always present, as at every event. You will find first-aid stations directly at the East Entrance. Paramedics and doctors treat medical emergencies directly on site. If necessary, they will be supported by the local ambulance service.

Is there a cloakroom?

The cloakroom is located directly on the ground floor in the Entrance East - via stairs or elevator. The fees for the cloakroom are payable in cash at EUR 2,50 per item of clothing.

Can I rent lockers?

Lockers are placed in the entrance area behind the turnstiles - these are only available in limited numbers and work with a 1 euro coin, as well as with a shopping trolley chip.

Can I rent a wheelchair?

Please contact the staff at the turnstiles directly. The wheelchair will be ordered for you and is available for a cash deposit of EUR 50,-. If you are not able to stand for that long, you are also welcome to contact our Technical Office in the Entrance East on the left-hand side - here you are also welcome to sit down and wait for the wheelchair.

Is WiFi available on the exhibition grounds?

The Munich Show provides free WiFi hotspots during the event. The hotspots are located at the restaurants in the entrance OST, Sapphire Bar in B6, Bologna Mineral Bar A6 and at the children's activities in A5.

What is the best way to travel to the MUNICH SHOW?

When travelling by public transport, the public transport regulations apply. Please note that our tickets do not entitle you to free travel on public transport.

Where can I park?

Information on parking is available on our homepage www.munichshow.com under Visitor - Arrival.

How can I drive my car to the grounds and the halls for my bulk purchase?

For information on hall access, parking and deposit regulations, please refer to the information on the homepage at www.munichshow.com - Visitors - Travel.

Where can I rent a handcart/trolley for my shopping?

This year, as usual, you can borrow and return the hand trolleys at the East Entrance in front of the trade fair office. The deposit is EUR 50,- in cash.