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Efficient sourcing

Apr 24, 2023

Diversity is a defining theme of our time. It is not only evident in the social sphere, but also in the fact that consumer tastes are increasingly fragmenting into individual preferences – and it is precisely here that Gemworld Munich, with its uniquely diverse assortment of raw materials, offers the ideal platform for the trade. After all, the demand for jewelry that emphasizes the wearer’s individual character is growing all the time. And with it, the demand for gemstones of the most diverse type, processing and quality is also increasing on the manufacturer side. It is no longer just diamonds and the popular trio of sapphire, ruby and emerald that count. Interest is also growing in tourmaline, garnet, peridot and similarly expressive gemstones, as well as in semi-precious stones such as turquoise, agate and amethyst, to name but a few. Here, the demand is not only broad, but also deep: the market needs the most diverse types of stones in the most diverse qualities.

Gemworld Munich serves the needs of the market like no other trade show, with an assortment that is unparalleled in breadth and depth worldwide, and an infrastructure that makes efficient sourcing possible in the shortest possible time. The reason why Gemworld Munich has such a rich assortment also lies in its history: Unlike many other trade fairs, the Munich Show was not born out of economic calculation, but out of an authentic passion for minerals. It began as a meeting place for collectors, and the enthusiasm and know-how of those days live on today in the management of Munich Show and Gemworld Munich, as well as in the exceptionally competent clientele who attend the shows, whether they are dealers or buyers.

In addition to the increasing demand for diverse raw materials, Gemworld Munich will also meet another current feature of the market: the industry is currently in the midst of a process of new price discovery. After the end of the pandemic, people are producing and buying again – but at what price? Gemworld Munich offers answers to this question, on the one hand because it can be expected that the market will have calmed down to some extent in the fall, and on the other hand because supply and demand meet on the trade show platform with a unique transparency that makes it possible to control and correct prices.

Another effect of the transparency typical of trade fairs: increased confidence. The existential pressure experienced by many during the pandemic years has created uncertainty. The best way to counter this is with facts, and these can be collected excellently at Gemworld Munich, both in terms of business partners and products, which can be inspected on site. Nothing builds trust faster than the many personal contacts that Gemworld Munich offers.