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The vocational school Idar-Oberstein

Aug 16, 2023

This year, the Berufsbildende Schule Idar- Oberstein will once again be presenting the profession of gemstone cutter at Gemworld, the area for fine gemstones and jewels at the Munich Show. The aim of the trade fair presentation is to inspire young people to take up an apprenticeship as a gemstone cutter. The training to become a gemstone cutter includes gemstone-related and scientific content in general, as well as artistic aspects, which are particularly emphasized in the focus on gemstone engraving. Together with two students, Klaus Schäfer, the gemstone cutters’ specialist teacher, has developed a stand concept based on the theme of the special exhibition “Art d’Objet”.

One of the types of representation of minerals and gemstones presented at the stand of BBS Idar-Oberstein at the fair originates from the lively portfolio of Maria Möhrling (21 years old), which is dominated by color. She is a first-year apprentice and chose the profession of gemstone cutter out of inclination. To do so, she moved her center of life from Lower Saxony to Idar-Oberstein. She has been drawing and painting for several years for the joy of creating, but only discovered the subject of “crystals” for herself in 2023. The door to this exciting world of intense colors, shiny surfaces and complex volumes is just opening for Maria. Nevertheless, her achievements, which are based on patience, good perception and the will for precision, are already extraordinary. Following the path of this talent in the years to come will be exciting for all involved.

If color is the focus of Maria Möhrling’s design, Klaus Schäfer’s works are diametrically opposed. His graphics are generated with twelve sharply defined gray values. Color plays no role. His aim is to reproduce the expansive existence of crystals in three-dimensionality correctly depicted in perspective. The routine he has acquired in more than forty years of working with gemstones is reflected in his work.