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Wanted: The Best Gemstone Cutters 2024

May 25, 2024

This year, the Swiss Faceted Cutters Guild will once again award prizes to the best gemstone cutters at the Munich Show. This year's theme: Amethyst

For the fourth time, the Swiss Facet Guild is organising the "European Open" competition at the Munich Show. We are looking for the best hobby and professional faceters. This year's competition theme is amethyst. "This is a wonderful stone that amazes many observers with its color and shine," says Ekaterina Keymer, Vice President of the Faceting Guild.The stones should be between 10 and 30 mm in size, the design is freely selectable. Several submissions have already reached the Facettierer Guild, but ambitious cutters can still send in their creations until October 24, 2024. "Apart from the stone, we don't specify any theme to encourage the cutters to give free rein to their creativity," says Ekaterina Keymer.

The best gemstone cutters win

The winners will then be determined at Gemworld Munich from October 24 to 27, 2024 – each visitor can vote for five of their favorites. "Since the cut stones are not judged by a jury of experts, the focus is not on precision or adherence to a specific motto. We deliberately want to appeal to the tastes of people – who are otherwise the buyers of a gemstone," says Keymer.
In the past, the winning stone usually emerged quickly. The first three winners will each receive a medal, a certificate and a cash prize at a ceremony on 27 October 2024: 1st place will win 300 euros, 2nd place 200 euros and 3rd place 100 euros.

European Open: How to take part in the competition?

Each participant is allowed to submit a single faceted gemstone. Hobby facets are also deliberately called upon to send in their works. The material must be amethyst from 10 to 30 mm in size, the choice of design as well as the color is free.

All information about the competition and the registration form can be found at: